Green T Plus Round table

Green T Plus Round table[No.M1203]

  • ¥ 54,000
  • Size: 58cm h 47cm~82cm
  • Weight: 16k g

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Green-T Plus brief description: Professional hydraulic lift bonsai worktable Made in Italy.
Professional Hydraulic Lift Bonsai Turntable
. One important tool to help bonsai enthusiasts of all levels work more efficiently and comfortably with trees comes from Italy.
Japan has been using hydraulic lift turntables, but due to their high cost, they have not been widely used by the average bonsai enthusiast.
A collaboration of research and renowned experts in the world of bonsai, we can now offer you a tool inspired by the traditional Japanese table.

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Available, up to customer request, fitting round shape ( 58 cm. of diameter) or square shape ( 53 x 53 cm.) working plan.
Minimum lifting height from ground: 47 cm.
Maximum lifting height from ground: 82 cm.
Net weight : 16,00 Kg.
Packing: carton box ( sizes 80 x 62 x h. 19 cm - gross weight; Kg. 21,00) containing disassembled parts of worktable, assembly instructions and assembly tools Time required for assembly the worktable: 10 minutes