Green T Plus Square table

Green T Plus Square table[No.M1204]

  • ¥ 54,000
  • Size: 53 x 53cm h 47 ~82cm
  • Weight: 16K g

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Made in Italy: a functional metal base with a five-point stellar support hydraulic pedal lift pump
Height Adjustment Pedal Pump-
. Up pedal: -To lock
. Push down pedal: to lower-

Adjustable height from 47 to 82 cm
Worktop diameter: 58 cm
. Weight: 16kg
. Lifting capacity of up to 200kg
. The worktop height is adjustable (from 47 cm to 82 cm maximum).
. Five removable eyelets located underneath the work surface allow you to place the plant on the table while you work. It can be secured securely.
. The worktop is made of marine pine plywood, painted, non-slip rubber (4 mm thick and Covered with (Shore A 70 hardness).
. Securing is done with stainless steel clamping screws.
. All materials used are guaranteed to have excellent weather resistance.

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