Green T Basic Square table

Green T Basic Square table[No.M1202]

  • ¥ 45,000
  • Size: 53 x 53cm h 42 ~60cm
  • Weight: 17k g

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Height fully adjustable from 47 to 82 cm.
Diameter of the turntable: 58 x 58 cm
Lifting capacity: up to 200 kg
Weight: ca. 17 kg

- Height adjustment: Pump the pedal
- Lock it: Pedal up
- Lowering: Press pedal downwards

Functional metal base with adjustable support on 5 points and lever hydraulic pump with pedal control:
- Height adjustment: pumps the pedal
- Determine: Pedal to the top
- Lowering: Press down pedal
Metal base with 5 star support and hydraulic pump lift by foot control.
Adjustable height of the bearing surface.
The swing brake of the table can be disconnected with a simple movement of the pedal.
5 removable eye screws, located in the lower part of the work plan, allow a solid anchor of the bonsai to the table.
Mounting complete with steel bolts.
All components and materials used are guaranteed weatherproof.