Green T S20 small

Green T S20 small[No.M1206]

  • ¥ 16,500
  • Size: 20 x 20cm
  • Weight: 1,939 g

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We are pleased to introduce our brand new Green T Mini S Shohin Bonsai Work Table.
It's size is small, but its potential to improve the way you work on your little trees, and the results, are large indeed.

The secret is the 3Axis technology with its tilting system that rotates on a sphere.
For stability it comes with a mechanical lock and straps to secure your bonsai.
This allows you to change the inclination of your small trees in ways you may have only dreamed of.

The S ModelÌ has a firm suction base to attach to a table or other similar flat horizontal surface (If you'd like a Mini with a C-clamp base, see our Model V)

Green T Mini S - Overall height 195mm (7.7"). Table top work surface 200mm x 200mm (7.9")